Hetal Shukla

Hetal Shukla has, over the last two decades, created several enthralling and engaging works of art – to define spaces as well as themes. With the use of varied media such as paintings, frescos and installations he has captured the imagination of everyone who has come in contact with his art form. His works at the Kala Ghoda Festival over the last several years that uses an HM Ambassador car as the base to narrate concepts are perhaps the most iconic and memorable images from each year’s festival. He has also produced signature works of art for several corporate titans such as Google, IBM, L&T to name a few. As the idea of this exhibition started taking shape in Hetal’s mind, to talk about Gandhiji’s message of nonviolence in a subtle yet powerful form in the 150th year of his birth, he was drawn to the opposite and spent countless hours reading about the history of combat. As he researched more he discovered that every country has its official camouflage pattern that is unique and distinct from another’s. This then seemed to be the perfect amalgamation of two stark opposites – war and peace.